Just awkward, ein Deutsch-English post

Nach zwei Jahren Realsatire Trumpelchen im Weißen Haus, kommt mir nur noch ein Wort in den Sinn: awkward. Maybe my German has become rusty, but I can't think of any other word that describes him better.

100th anniversary of woman voting, time for the next step

Today is the 100th anniversary of woman voting rights in my home country Germany, and not a few other (still) functional European democracies. Maybe it is time to go the next step.

Cladistics vs Phylogenetics: What's the difference?

While working for a 2-piece post on the Genealogical World of Networks (A bit of heresy: networks for matrices used in Cladistics studies), I stepped over a threat on ResearchGate, where someone asked this. I browsed through the answers, and felt obliged to answer as well.