A Wikipedia list everyone should know

Wikipedia has changed the world how we access knowledge. And despite recent (and fair) criticism, it's still an invaluable social project because it provides easy entry portals and an enormous wealth of quick-to-access data. Approaching Christmas, the Feast of Love and Peace, I'd like to point towards a Wikipedia page dealing with something, we tend to quickly forget about: Wikipedia's List of ongoing armed conflicts.

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I got an invitation to review a paper for Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Naturally, I declined to review. And you should, too. Always. Because it's published by Elsevier.

Fare well, Brittania!

The Bojo worked, Her Majesty finally will be able to appoint a proper English government with a fine majority. An add-on to Brittania, sail away! from October this year.

Wer will die 5%

Es wird haarig im Osten für die ehemalige Allmachtspartei CDU, die SPD in Brandenburg hat rechtzeitig rechtsgeblinkt. Gereicht hat es trotzdem nicht. Ein Kommentar zur 5%-Hürde, den vielbeschworenen stabilen Mehrheiten. Mit Grafiken natürlich.