Bayernwahl 2018 – wie nah sind sich die Parteien?

Eine deutsche Tradition für Wahlen sind die Wahl-O-Mat Angebote der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb). Der für die Bayernwahl 2013 war (ist) noch online und auch für die Bayernwahl 2018 gibt es natürlich eine Neuauflage des Bayernwahl Wahl-O-Mats.  Eine gute Gelegenheit zu sehen (und zu zeigen) wie nah oder fern sich zukünfte Koalitionäre stehen.

The end of lagom-ness?

Sweden voted, including me. Some are shocked by the 17.5% for the Sverigedemokraterna, the former Nazi party turned national-socio-conservative, others relieved it were only 18%. But, under the line, little has changed. Some explanatory graphics and a utopian idea.

I found mail! From Elsevier, and in my Junk folder (where it belongs)

Got mail from Elsevier, out of sheer courtesy to inform me that a final PDF could be found on ResearchGate that people should pay for to view. Thank God for the Coalition of Responsible Sharing correcting such errors.

European Not-Really-A-Union #2 – A Game of Cards

Although, it would make the world an even less social place, there are a lot of good arguments to get rid of cash. My beloved Sweden has always been on the foremost front of this. However, the technological advances have made this quite impractical, as anyone can find out when living/travelling in more than a single EU country.