What exactly does Trumpelchen mean by "breeding concept"?

Ups, he did it again! Just another Trumpel-Tweet going rogue. CNN asked the question and provide an answer, the Southern Poverty Law Center points to where he may have picked it up. I have some ideas, too.

Finally, something uttered by DOTUS aka Trumpanzee I can relate to, as an evolutionary biologist.  

Trumpelchen tweeted two days ago (after my one-week translating experiment, I don't check his tweerades anymore; where is bird control when you need it?) that "There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept. Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!"

And as common in case of official statements of the sitting U.S. president, no-one really knows what made him type "& breeding concept", not even the "Fake News Mainstream Media", all those "beauties" like CNN (just a day later, he backed down; surprise, surprise).

It's probably harmless, and not worth a fart, and he really meant (if anything at all) ".... and crime breeding" (remember: "Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists", so – of course – giving them sanctuary breeds crime). But, it says a lot about his image, when people directly go on alert and barricades. Let's have some alternative explanations, just for the fun of it.

Alien invasions — We were just passed by an asteroid that came closer to Earth than the moon, and we all know what is inside meteors: they are the eggs of alien races, their brood. And like Mesoamerican treks threatening the integrity of the U.S. (why the National Guard was send to the border to start with), they come via the southern border, and once they hedge, you can't get them out. Alert the National Guard protecting currently the Trumpwall prototypes and equip them with flamethrowers!

A breeding conceptionalist (source: Wikipedia)
Computer game Trumpelchen spends a lot of time watching TV. Maybe he passed out for a second (he's an old man), switched channels, and tapped into a StarCraft tournament, where the Zerg player (a race with a full-fledged breeding concept) just overrun the defence of the Terran player, despite them having send in the space marines.

Evolution — Sheer breeding success, the biological concept of breed-as-much-as-possible, outcompetes survival of the fittest. Why you have suricats in the land of lions. And the Trumpaneers are definitely not part of the fittest; and may be outmatched regarding breeding, too. Because they lack the concept to do it? Probably the worst explanation, because who is attacking birth control centres such as Planned Parenthood, to ensure "native" (white) Americans don't go extinct? On the other side, what is logic in Trump's voter base? 

German heritage Ausbrüten, English translation is however "to brood" and not "to breed", may be an option. Birds do it, but also humans. In the latter case, evil schemes usually, a brooding concept? You know the "Deep State" and all. But Trumpelchen is hardly the brooding type, more a boiling one. And he's not evil, he's just a moron (only thing his former Secretary of State Rex T. said worth quoting).

Mental infesting — As can be seen in the Canadian documentary film, the Brood, psychoplasmics (a dedicated blog) are a matter of concern. By giving sanctuary to the insane (all immigrants are crazy, right? Or is it just me, the multiple immigrant?), California opens the doors to Hell on Earth! May the National Guard save us all.

Politics (future) — Not the only one that thought of it, but it is a real threat to the "fine, good people on both sides", how the Californian sanctuary cities breed new U.S. Americans (good ole' 14th Amendment: born on American soil and you are American). Which will then move to other states (why staying in restrictive California, when you can live in Alaska with no gun legislation?) and vote for Democrats (in 2036 onwards). Thus, breaking the structural hold Republican gerrymandering has imposed to save "law-abiding" U.S. citizens from the electoral majority, sorry, "liberal" chaos (Are you suffering from "Liberal Denial", too?).

Zen (a moment of) — All across the nation, such a strange vibration. People in motion. People in motion... Just be sure to put some flowers in your hair, and everything will be fine. And not only when you go to San Francisco (really a town to visit, only been there once, but worth the trip).

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