Do you want your own Wikipedia page, too?

Don't you have that feeling from time to time that your life's work is not properly cherished? Politicians that no-one likes get Wikipedia pages, but not you? Well, just hire a professional Wikipedia page editor.

Scientists do get the ordinary spam and more special one. For instance, you get flooded with invitations to work as an editor for allegedly peer-reviewed medicinal journals, high-quality eBooks of your choice, or publish anything you want (but no-one else is going to let you) in the International (American) Journal of Younameit for a small fee in less than two weeks. Or an invitation to a conference at an exotic location as "Speaker"

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2nd Genetics, Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2019 scheduled on 25th & 26th, July 2019, Shangri-La Hotel, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep, Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand. We are truly honoured and delighted to take this opportunity to welcome you as “Speaker”.

Boring and uninteresting. Funny, though. What is "Personalized Medicine"? Is the Pharma industry now buying scientific studies with a sample size of one? (As "Speaker" you don't have to pay the conference fee, just the hotel that comes with it, hurray!)

But finally, I found something in my junk folder of great value

Dear Dr.Guido W. Grimm,

Have you ever wondered of having Wikipedia page for yourself [Of course!] or your company? We can help you get a Wikipedia page for yourself or your brand.

Usually Wikipedia only accepts pages on celebrities and famous companies [or scientists that are not really celebrities – all of Marie Curie's descendants are on Wikipedia, and only one won the Nobel prize, too; my former Danish boss has a proper German, English and Swedish Wikipedia page (but no Danish) and was very embarrassed when I showed her – I didn't make, just found them], if you are looking to get one for your self, we can help you with that. Having a page for yourself in Wikipedia, brings you more credibility [Oh!] and makes you more famous [Ah!!].

We have been editing on Wikipedia for 7+ years and We've created tons [you mean "bins", Mülltonne, garbage ton, is not an English word, is it?] of pages for companies, people, brands, products, and of course for academic purposes  as well [Of course! In case your employer lacks a PR department to do the job, this one went up just two weeks after getting hired by Yale, and he was a 'Sir' long before].

We own multiple accounts on Wikipedia [I have one, too, but just one] with page curation and new page reviewer rights, so i [that's true teammanship: uppercase "We" but lowercase "i"] can create and moderate pages with almost [beautiful "almost", who are you going do sue?] zero risk of another mod taking it down.

There are few wikipedia editors who are willing to create a page for money [well, they are a nasty, incorruptible bunch], and most of them are scared [because you get blocked, how scary] to offer this service directly, so they do it through their trusted sellers who markup the price to $1500 - $2500 per page. [~ 2000 bucks seems to be an industry standard, that's close to what Elsevier and Springer-Nature charge for open access in the minor journals.]

Because you're buying directly from an experienced Wikipedia editor and mod, you'll get your page a lot [please define "a lot"...] cheaper, faster and with more reliability [well, the whole thing is a fraud that Wikipedia actively battles, so more reliable, really?].

Let me know if you are interested

Patricia M. Carnes [PS Blogger warns you when you add an email link that this may attract spammers, I hope that's not true]

No Pat, I'm not interested. As long as the ever-crawling search machines find my homepage (and blogs) when you just type in my name in the top-5, I consider myself famous and unique enough; even without a Wikipedia entry.

And in case any Wikipedia admin reads this, maybe the info helps to block editing rights. The URL, a blank page, IP-address, is registered in Provo, Utah, 40°14′4″ N 111°38′40″ W.

If Pat has any at all. More likely is that if you're stupid enough to pay her, the money will just go where your cheap, fast and more reliable Wikipedia fame will go: into oblivion.

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