Liberal denial and diving into another reality

Are you also suffering from liberal denial as I do? When you read this post, you will find out soon enough. But the most important thing first: When you suffer from liberal denial illness, and are eligible to vote: Don’t forget to do it next time! Particularly, if you are a U.S. citizen.

Some scientists were already bewildered when Bush the Younger became president of the United States. I remember a talk, where the speaker, a Texan professor, started with pointing out that he did not vote for Bush in 2000 – together with a (thin) majority of American voters, at least in our world, World-1 – but apologised anyway that it happened. [For those of you that have no idea how the American presidential election circus spins, see here for why a majority of votes doesn’t necessarily make you U.S. president.]

Now, Trump became U.S. president, which so far has just been a joke in a Simpson episode. Not only that he seems to be notorious liar, he also frequently expressed his ignorance about fairly anything. How did this guy become the 45th president of the most-powerful nation on Earth?

Personally, I don’t think that he lies on purpose, he just is a big baby playing president, who wants to be loved and doesn’t know better. So he has to rely by 100% on a) what people around him tell him, b) Fox news, and c) the internet. And the latter two lead us to World-2. When you get familiar with World-2, The Donald's election is not that surprising anymore.

World-2 is an expanding universe that exists in the very same place of World-1. It has many shades and is not a parallel world (like Earth-199999, which is the part of Marvel’s multiverse in which the blockbuster movies exist). Inhabitants of World-1 and World-2 can freely interact, although  usually unidirectional. But inhabitants of World-2 perceive a different reality. 
In World-2, tangible facts of World-1 become “liberal” fiction. Or worse, are the product of alien or other mind-controlling using, e.g., ‘chemtrails’. In case you haven't heard: Chemtrails are those white thingies on the sky, World-1 inhabitants know as contrails (in German: Kondensstreifen; one of the words demonstrating German is such an adaptable language). In World-2, they are seen as real threats, e.g. by Pernilla Hagberg (interview in swedish, british), a former MP viz group leader of the Green party (an otherwise quite normal party) in the Swedish parliament, the Riksdagen. For German-capable, check out this quite comprehensive World-2 page on chemtrails (same word in German, disappointingly, why not Chemokontrollwolkenbänder?) and how they control the weather (obviously, only sadists have been employed in the weather controlling sector, given this year’s summer …)

The worst are World-1 scientists who, in some shades of World-2 reality, help Satan to confuse the minds of the poor people of World-2 with tinkered facts. That may be the reason for seeing: “Site blocked, adult content: influency group”, when you try to open my really harmless homepage (which contains my publication list, a site with data we used, an old link list to sites useful for scientists, and some even older pages) from a public place using site-shields to protect influenceable youngsters (like a hotel-hostel in Vienna, where I stayed).

But thanks to the internet invented by the World-1 satanic imps, the people of World-2 can rectify how things really are. And, among many other things, you can test if you suffer from “liberal denial” of the real (i.e. World-2) facts.

Just go to

It starts with Nr 1: “Liberals continue to deny that George W. Bush defeated Al Gore for president in 2000 (e.g., Joe Biden denied it in remarks on June 12, 2013; Al Gore himself denied it in remarks on August 4, 2017).” (see start of post)  and ends with Nr 36: “Liberals deny that Hitler and the Nazi party were in fact Liberals (anti-Semitism is a well-documented characteristic of Liberal Christianity as is the PETA-like Green wing of the Third Reich)”.

Admittedly, I’m a lost case. Guilty as charged in 35 of the 36 bullet points and close to 100% of everything that follows in the category: “More generally liberals deny…” This includes Nr 27: “Liberals deny they are liberal, and that most of the media are liberal.” As a green-socialist, I would strongly protest being associated with European (neo-)liberal parties and I would deny that the Bild (Germany's largest newspaper, content-wise equivalent of the British Sun and USAToday) is a liberal medium. And although I don't know, whether he was ever accussed of being a “Liberal” at the time, I'm sure, Adolf and the other fascists would have denied it, too (see Nr 36).

Why only 35? Well, the fact that a figure like Trump is POTUS, pages like conservapedia exist (they claim more than 600 million views) and elected Swedish MPs like Pernilla raise the issue of ‘chemtrails’ is a strong argument for Nr 19: “Liberals deny that human intelligence inevitably and demonstrably declines from generation to generation, and that if there were another 100 generations into the future the people would not be able to understand simple concepts.” Although, I would debate it need another 100 generations, obviously some are already MUCH closer …
[Oddly, I could access conservapedia from the Vienna hostel using the site-blocker blocking my homepage, but as they state in the self-description: it's children-friendly. By the way, the site-blocker works by cloud intelligence: anyone can fill out a small online form, anonymously, where you select from a drop-down menu why the site is unsuitable for children and teenagers. When enough complaints are in, it's automatically blocked. De-blocking is a bit more difficult...]

In human history, it was always a small, blessed group of wise men and women that understood the very fabrics of reality; except when it comes to mathematics, than it’s just men, naturally (Sorry Hypatia, Mrs Einstein, and all the others, who managed to sneak into World-1 Wikipedia; see Nr 17: “Liberals deny even the possibility of women having different aptitude for math than men, even though every Fields Medal recipient has been male, nearly every Putnam fellow has been male, and the highest achievers on the SAT math exam are predominantly male.”)

So, for those curious about World-2 reality, the real perceived reality, not our faked fact-based one, a few starter links:
Alex Jones' Infowars on Youtube  — filled with alternative reality to the brink and with more than two million subscriptions on Youtube, and endorsed by the sitting U.S. president during his campaign. John Oliver's Last Week Tonight had a feat on him, for those not familiar with the abyssal depths of U.S. World-2 media and what it is really about (making money, of course). Also don't miss out on Tuck Buckford. (In fact, after one episode of Infowars, you may need some Tuck Buckford!) — we are all asking the wrong questions! But, thanks to this page even atheists and agnostics (and I am catholic and agnostic) can find the answer. (A much easier dive into World-2, as nobody is yelling at you....) — a lab dedicated to generating molecular evidence for the Flood. I linked this page on my homepage more than a decade ago, and the only new thing seems to be that the copyright and “last revised” information is updated every year…so please donate so that this important research can proceed. (Donations and selling things are much more important for World-2  truth-finders than for World-1 scientists, because the alien-steered Satanic world government only funds the latter.) 

When you spend some time browsing in World-2, you realise two things:
  1. Persons like Dr Axel Stoll, the late German World-2 scientist, who has studied (according to himself) all important natural sciences, i.e. “physics, mathematics, and geology [Yes!]”, with his stories of functional Flugscheiben, expeditions into the Hollow Earth, and our planet being a penal colony of some master race from outer space watching us from some Jovial moon, was a harmless and, more importantly analogue, nutjob. For those of you, who can understand German, check out his best-of compilations [part1][part2][part3]. You can apparently also buy his scientific legacy on Dr. A. Stoll, A. Mannich, Das Wissen um die wahre Physik: Bis heute unterdrückt. (transl.: The knowledge of the true physics: Surpressed until today); which surprised even me, who has spend some time in the obscure depths of World-2.
  2. We lost a part of humanity to collective insaneness and unbelievable digital stupidity. You will not be able to turn them. They find their own digital truth throughout the internet (or, re-tweeted by the president of the U.S.) And you cannot discuss with them. Would you believe an envoy from Hell, who may be mind-controlled by aliens or at least some secret world government? 
But they participate in World-1 elections. This doesn't change our reality, but they can pretend it changed and find more people slowly shifting from World-1 to World-2. So, don't be surprised about high-level politicians telling you that actual, researched news are fake news, that facts are liberal fiction to distract from the truth, and crazy-people ideas become equally valid alternatives. Such as chemtrails. Or creationism taught in schools receiving public funding of one of the fore-most science nations the world...

PS If you want to know, how to really change reality, see Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country. 2nd story. A dream of a thousand cats. You just need a thousand beings dreaming the same dream at the same time.

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